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Travel Gear

“On packing day: Lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then, take half the clothes and twice the money.”

  —  Susan Butler Anderson

Knowing what to pack prior to leaving for a trip can leave you frustrated and nervous. I remember leaving for my trip to SE Asia and looking at all my clothes, electronics, and gear asking myself questions over and over again.

“Do I have enough clothes?”

“Should I bring this pack or that pack?”

“Do I really need this?”

“Do I have too many electronics?”

“What else can I leave behind?”

I was packing all my travel gear literally to the last minute and now after traveling for over a year, I would like to give some travel gear advice on what I have learned. I have experience backpacking, sea-kayaking, bike touring, and many other multi-day outdoor activities.

One thing that is stressed during all of these activities is packing light. Although, traveling is not a physical endurance event, having less stuff to haul around has many advantages. Here is a brief list of what I brought to Asia and what travel gear I recommend.

Travel Clothing

Traveling without a rain jacket is like running without running shoes. Traveling is so much more enjoyable when you are prepared for the elements. Although, you may be in a dry place at this moment; who knows what the weather will be like in a different city or country. This rain jacket is good to have because it packs small and weighs nothing. I would recommend this jacket because it is waterproof, has a hood, and is lightweight.

In addition to being waterproof, this jacket is windproof which is nice. It is great for putting on if you are caught in heavy winds and helps you warm-up quickly. It features many pockets which are nice for storing things or keeping your hands warm. It also features arm-pit zippers which help with keeping you ventilated if you are exercising and need to cool down. Overall, it has been great to have on the road.