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The Perfect Day!

Today has been perfect in every sense of the word! What is your definition of perfect? Mine goes a little like this:

This week I spent taking students to Valdez, AK. We went ice climbing, nordic skiing, backcountry skiing and had a really amazing time! This whole week while in Valdez, there have been several high-pressure systems covering the state, which has resulted in a lot of sunshine! Woohoo! It is the thing that most Alaskans are deprived of for most of the winter unless they are able to escape and get some of that vitamin D! Thank you Hawaii!

We got back from our trip yesterday and it was a bluebird day for most of the drive, 350 miles from Valdez to Anchorage, Alaska. That is a lot of sunshine! Love it! Even though I was pretty wiped from the trip, I got home and went for a ski in the afternoon sunshine. It was epicly awesome! So great! Wow!

I got to sleep a little late last night but woke up really early because this week we had been getting up quite early, so my internal clock was still set. Part of me wanted to lay in my bed and try to get some more sleep but part of me wanted to make the day productive and so, I decided to get up.

I rolled out of bed, looked outside and saw the temperature, it read, 15F. Whew! That is chilly! I migrated to the kitchen and started to scheme what I wanted for breakfast! My most prized meal of the day! The perfect day MUST have breakfast, that is a given! So! I got some potatoes out for hash browns, started the coffee maker and thought, ”what else would go well?” “Waffles!” I looked up a basic recipe, which is as follows:

2 cups of flour

1/3 cup, melted, butter

2 tablespoons sugar

1 ½ cup milk (substituted almond milk)

1 tsp Salt

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 tsp of baking powder



Hash Browns

The waffles came out great and I added some red onion to the hash browns, which adds a sweet crispy flavor. Mmm!!! I have some frozen berries that I added to the mix by heating them up and used them over the waffles. And! Of course! Maple syrup! I devoured the meal while savoring every last bite.

I was planning to go on a long ski today (big surprise) and after looking outside, it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day! Wow, “how many of these beautiful days are we going to get?” This has got to be a record or something. Well! I am not complaining!

I put on a lot of layers because of the chilly weather but brought a backpack so that I could strip layers throughout the day, as it got warmer.  In order to get to the trails, I have to walk about 5 minutes from my residence (oh no…). On my walk, on the road, I was thinking about random things and jamming to some tunes. Then bam! There is a moose 3ft from me, on my right!  I could have reached out and touched it! The moose’s eyes get huge, like a cartoon character. I think he was just as startled to see me, as I was to see him. Fortunately, he froze and I picked up my pace to get to the trails.

Well, now that my blood is pumping from adrenalin. I am ready to ski…. I was planning to go on a 3-hour ski and see where I end up. For those that are familiar with the Anchorage trail system. I started at Abbott and headed down the tour trail, to the Chester creek trail, to Westchester lagoon, hit the coastal trail and made it to Point Woronzof. The trail between Earthquake Park and Point Woronzof is in terrible shape. There is a lot of debris and sand on the trail that was moved from the beach only a few hundred feet away by the wind.

Chugach Mountains


International Airport

Point Waronzof

Pt Waronzof trail condition

Anchorage Coast

Knik Arm
Melting Snow

Its sunny!

From Point Waronsof there is an amazing view of the mountains and you are directly under the flight path from planes taking off from the international airport. It was a great place to take a break, eat some food, drink some water and take in the view.

The sensation of skiing is quite indescribable. I feel so free, gliding over frozen snow. I also enjoy how far you can go relatively speaking. Most of the route that I took had set tracks which was great to double pole. Skiing is great!

After a nice break, I turned around and headed back to Service H.S. There were a lot of people on the trail, which is great! Because, days like today, do not come frequently enough!

APU Multi-Use

Chugach Mountains from Tudor Bridge

Tudor Bridge

Tour of Anchorage Trail


Once I reached Service H.S. and the end of my 3ish hour ski, I walked home. On my way, I spotted another Moose with a calf that were hanging out in a neighbor’s driveway. They did not care much for me and they kept doing their thing.

For anyone reading this from Anchorage, you are most likely asking yourself why I am taking the time to mention that I saw a moose. So what! Well, for people that may be reading this from outside Alaska, they may appreciate that.

After getting home, I was kind of hungry. So! I made breakfast all over again! I had some left over waffles but I made a new brew of coffee, a berry smoothie and more hash browns with some avocado! Mmm! Yum!

Now, I am writing about my perfect day. Because it has been perfect! Thank you sunshine! Feel free to come out and show yourself again and often!

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