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Skate skiing

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Well, it looks like the weather might actually be cooperating a little around here! Finally! In the last week, we have had a few  snow flurries, not a lot of snow but at least it is snowing and not raining! A favorite pastime of mine in the winter here in Anchorage is skate skiing. It is a form of cross country skiing that allows you to glide on the snow on flat, uphill and downhill terrain. The motion is vey similar to ice skating and roller skating. If you have participated in either of those activities before then skate skiing would come naturally to you. I first learned how to skate ski when I initially moved to Anchorage in 2005, it was not until the spring of 2006 that I actually tried it out and I participated in my first race which was a 50k ski race called, The Tour of Anchorage. It is hosted here in Anchorage, AK every year and draws over 2,000 participants!

I live relatively close to Hilltop ski area which is a downhill ski area but also has miles of cross-country ski trails! I am able to walk from my house to the ski trails and ski for miles on beautifully groomed trails! I ofter have to reflect on how fortunate I am to live so close to such great trails! Plus! In the summer time they are biking/running trails! No excuse to not get outside!

To keep myself motivated with skate skiing I usually do a few races every year that are hosted here in Anchorage. They include the Tour of Anchorage 50K ski race, Sven Johansen 30K and SKAN (Ski Kincaid all night) 24hr race. I have done the SKAN 24 as a 4 person team and 8 person team. Having races to train for is a great motivator, keeps me fit for the winter season and is great cross training for the summer biking season!

This evening, I joined a friend on the trails and did some intervals. Our ski totaled 12.77miles and was 1.5hrs. It was lightly snowing and was another great night to be on the trails!


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