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Krabi Thailand


I have decided to leave Bangkok and head south. I have spent 5 days in the big city and have been able to see the sights, eat street food, meet new people, get cheap vaccinations, and experience Thai culture. I have felt really safe and have not had any negative interactions. Overall the Thai people are very friendly and respectful, which has been refreshing.

In regards to looking for a teaching job, I have sent an email to a contact that I got through a mutual friend to teach at a university 1 hour north of Bangkok. Other than that, I have not been applying to any other jobs. I want to travel the country first and see what areas I enjoy and go from there.

Two days ago, I decided to book a flight to Krabi Thailand which is a town in southern Thailand. The flight cost $80 US dollars for a one-way flight. From Krabi, you can access Railay Beach which has popular limestone rock climbing. You can also take a boat to Ko Lanta which is a secluded island further south.

Based on books and internet research this area is beautiful! I will be sure to post photos of the area. I plan on staying a night or two in Krabi. Following, take a boat to Railey for a night or two, go back to Krabi and take a boat to Ko Lanta for 3-5 days and then to Phuket. I am looking for a laid back area that is close to the beach!

When I arrived to the Krabi airport, it was sunny and beautiful! I got to baggage claim and got my bag very quickly. Following, I got a bus ticket for 90BHT or 3US dollars. The buses are literally 100ft from the airport terminal. It is a very smooth process. Following, the bus ride into town is about 10-15min. The bus stop is a 10min walk from down-town Krabi. I did not have any reservations but was able to get a spot at the Pak-Up Hostel. It is on the same street as the bus stop and a 5 min walk. I have read that it is a popular hostel and have enjoyed it so far.

Once I got established at the hostel I tried to rent a mountain bike for $2US for the day. The only problem was that out of all of their 6 bikes, now worked. Each bike was rusted, or had a flat tire, or broken brakes. I opted to not rent a bike and got a refund. Alternatively, I walked around the town, 1st heading south to a park along the beach. It was really nice as there was no one else around and a few locals.

Afterwords, I headed into town and explored the town. It is really touristy and is filled with street vendors, restaurants, and filled with people. In the downtown area there is a very distinguished temple which was awesome to check out, especially since I was alone. After walking around I headed back to the hostel and had a nice shower. Tomorrow I head to Railay Beach!

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