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Green grass and Sunshine

Well, it has been a a while since I have posted to my blog and so I thought that I would take the opportunity to write a new post. I recently quit my job, packed my things and moved to Seattle, WA to stay with family and recalculate the next life direction. Since I have been here, it has been AMAZING! I left Anchorage on Sunday evening and it had snowed approximately 1ft on Saturday which made last minute errands more difficult. I managed to clean my room, pack last minute items and sell my car 3 hours prior to my plane departure. YES!

My roommate was kind enough to give me a ride to the airport in which I had two duffle bags and a bike box. I wanted to bring my bike opposed to shipping it so that I could ride on the following day and that is exactly what I did. I arrived to Seattle Sunday evening and woke up Monday morning to a beautiful day. I was super excited to go outside because a) it was sunny b) there was no snow on the ground and c) I could go outside with shorts and a tee-shirt. Meanwhile it was approximately 45 degrees warmer comparatively to Anchorage. So! I changed into shoes and shorts, stepped outside, and took my first breath of fresh air. Damn, that was amazing. I decide to run to a local lake and run around it. Look! I exclaim to myself, “Green grass!” Hell yeah! You might be able to guess that it has been a while since I have seen green grass…

Words cannot describe how amazing the run felt. It was also a great reminder of how out of shape I am… Coming from Alaska, especially this time of year, there is nothing that felt better then to run around the local lake. At one point the clouds broke and the sun’s rays blinded me. I thought to myself jokingly, “What is that bright thing in the sky?” The sun’s rays felt amazing and it was awesome to get outside and and enjoy the simple act of running.

After going for a run and returning home, I look at my bike box and decide that I will not be able to ride my bike until I put my bike together. Duh. I grab a tarp and unravel it as it will serve so that no loose bike parts fall through cracks on the back porch. I slowly get different parts put together and then realize that the rear derailleur wire is not long enough because I had to cut it to put it through the housing. Gah! The reason that this is significant is because without the rear derailleur I cannot change gears. Minor detail. I come up with a solution to ride my bike in a fixed gear to the bike shop, buy a new wire and attach it when I get home. I cruise back home and catch a beautiful sun-set on the way back. It was great to be back on the bike and enjoy the evening colors.

Enjoying the sunset

Enjoying the sunset

Once home, I find out that the screw that attaches the wire to the rear derailleur has fallen off. Awesome. I am psyched that I find out that the screw has fallen off when I return from the bike shop. I guess it gives me an excuse to go back tomorrow. I return the following day (Tuesday) and get the bike all set-up. Now! I am ready to ride!

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