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Chasing Sun Sets

This week has been a challenging week to live in Alaska…. I recently got back from a bike tour going around the big island of Hawaii so I do not have much to complain about! But, it is hard to come back to melting snow, ice skating out your front door, 50 degree highs and the ability to bike up to 2200ft. I enjoy biking but in January! In Alaska?!?! I would rather have snow and be skiing! This weekend was rather unproductive. It is hard to be motivated when the weather is so uncooperative. “Think snow!” Then the weather gods say, “No. No. You get rain! Alot of Rain! An inch of rain!” My neighbor had water in their basement and I helped them move dressers and other personal items upstairs. Jeeze!

January in Alaska is supposed to be a winter wonderland! Filled with snow, cold temperatures, plenty of skiing and other outdoor awesomeness! But no! Not here. Not now! So what do you do when the weather is lame? Sitting inside gets old… rather quickly.

Today, the Anchorage School District was closed and therefore Alaska Pacific University and the University Of Alaska Anchorage was also closed. Therefore, I did not have work. Score! But it was not as big of a score since the weather is, what it is. I decided that I needed to start being productive, I can do nothing for only so long. I decided to go on a bike ride. Big surprise! The sun-set was looking spectacular so I wanted to see if I could get to a good vantage point to check it out. I thought…Glen-Alps! For those not familiar with Glen-Alps it is a 7 mile, 2,200Ft climb from the Anchorage Bowl, varying depending on where you live. Once there you have access to the vast Chugach State Park and a great view of the Anchorage bowl.

I hoped on the bike and first cruised over to the Hilltop ski area. It is a disaster. The parking lot is ice and the hill is melting, fast! I then checked out the cross-country ski trails which are now slick ice trails. I was nervous to be on my bike even with studded tires. Then I cruised through some neighborhoods eventually intersecting with hillside drive. Then climbed up to Glen-Alps. The road to Glen-Alps is not bad. There is no glare ice and there is not much snow on the road. I would avoid the road as soon as the temperatures drop below freezing. It was between 35-40F on my ride. It was great to get outside but I will welcome some cold temperatures and some snow!

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  1. I guess you have to come to Boise ID Nathan, for 10 days now we have between 0 and 10 degree F in the Treasure Valley. Went snowshoeing in Idaho City Sunday with o degree F temperatures but full sun!! Hang in there!! Frans

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