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TransferWise Review: Transfer Money Abroad With Lower Fees

What Is Transferwise? Transferwise is a relatively new company that has revolutionized the way that money can be transferred abroad. They have created an easy and intuitive website that connects users around the world that are in need of exchanging currencies. The software connects these people seamlessly and facilitates easy transfers, while allowing each user to get the current mid-market…


Give Me 5 Hostel Review

I am sitting in Chiang Mai, Thailand as I write this post. I have been here since Christmas and it will be about 2 weeks in all. I came here on a work/vacation trip and I wanted to catch up with old friends as I used to live here. My plan was that I was going to stay at a…


Check Out This Awesome Air Pollution Mask

I am originally from the U.S, specifically I am from Seattle, WA. It is a beautiful city that is lush and green for most of the year. The annual precipitation averages 39.6 inches per year. This is relevant because the rain helps clean the air. Clean. Air. That is one thing that I took for granted growing up. Different parts…