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Awesome Day Exploring Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market

The Ampawa night floating market is a popular local Thai destination located in western Thailand, approximately 1.5 hours from Bangkok.

Once we arrived to the Amaphawa Night Floating Market, we decided to walk around and explore. I had been to the market once before on a previous trip so it was not a completely new experience.

The amphawa market is unique comparatively to other markets that you find in Thailand. The market is on both sides of a canal that feeds into the ocean. There are a few bridges that allow you to cross from one side to the other and give a good view of the canal.

There are long tail boats that offer tours up and down the canal to give you a different view of the market and search for fireflies. The long tail boats have large modified diesel motors on the back with a long metal shaft that is angled into the water with a propeller at the end.

Many food vendors cook in the boats and commonly serve fresh seafood to people walking by. We had not eaten dinner so we stopped at a long tail boat serving seafood and got squid, mussels, shrimp and fish.

Amphawa Night Market

Amphawa Floating Market Food Vendor

Amphawa Floating Market Food Vendor

Amphawa Floating Market Beer Seller

It was really impressive to see the cooking operation in the boat as there was a BBQ inside the boat. The boats are narrow so everything has a special place and the cooks have to be cognizant because a wrong sudden move could be disastrous.

The market can feel very crowded at times and is unpleasant if you are uncomfortable in large groups of people. There are shops that sell a variety of handmade trinkets and everything in between. If you plan to visit the market then I would recommend going in the evening as the temperature are cooler and the market feels more vibrant.

That evening we stayed at Baan Pai Fah Resort, a nice guesthouse in the area. We called them and they picked us up from the night market. The following day they dropped us off next to the night market to catch a minibus back to Bangkok.

Overall, it was a great trip and visiting the Amphawa night floating market was a great way to end the trip!

Amphawa Market Aerial View

Nathan currently lives abroad as an American expat and is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. He enjoys learning new languages, meeting new people and exploring new places. Nathan has been living abroad since 2014 and likes to stay busy plotting his next trip.

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